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Charles J Thayer, Chairman & Managing Director

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Board & CEO Advisory Services

Chartwell Capital provides specialized advisory services to the board of directors and executive management of banks, corporations and institutional investors.

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Investment Banking History

Charles J Thayer and Chartwell Capital have been active participants in the financial markets for over 40 years.

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Paradox Murder Mystery Series

New Fiction By Charles J Thayer

Death Trap [Book 1]

Turquoise Deception [Book 2]

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Chartwell Books & Publications

2017   Bank Director Survival Guide

2016   Credit Check, Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

2010   It Is What It Is, Saving AmericanWest Bank

1983   Bank Director's Handbook

           [Chapter: Asset/Liability Management]

1983   Banks Desk Reference

           [Chapter: Financial Futures Market]

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Books by Charles J Thayer are available online and at your local independent bookstore

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