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Bank Director Survival Guide


Bank Director

Survival Guide provides bank directors and bank executives with the tools required to navigate the unique challenges faced by bank board members. Service as a bank director may have been considered an honor in the past - but times have changed. Today, bank directors assume more personal liability and face greater regulatory requirements than other board positions.

Survival Guide provides you with a practical roadmap for making your job as a bank director more effective and rewarding - from the day you join to the day you depart your bank board.Every board consists of unique talents and personalities so Survival Guide is not a "cookbook". Your board and the bank's executive management team need to determine your own "recipe" for success.


Credit Check, Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due


Credit Check

Thayer introduces readers of his new book to the many outstanding mentors he encountered over the past fifty years. His book is a tribute to these talented individuals and describes how they worked with their associates to overcome challenges and build successful organizations.

These remarkable people exhibit a wide range of leadership styles and Thayer's stories highlight their accomplishments in several industries, professional organizations and non-profits. Thayer also includes a few examples of leadership gone wrong. Credit Check is a not an "academic" description of leadership.

The availability of information on the Internet is viewedby many as a replacement for the need to seek advice or to learn from the personal experience of other people. Thayer's book illustrates why Wikipedia cannot replace the value of experience and guidance provided by mentors.

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It Is What It Is


Financial Crisis of 2008

AmericanWest Bancorporation and its subsidiary bank, AmericanWest Bank, were in trouble, serious trouble, but the AmericanWest Board of Directors and management were committed to saving the Bank and avoiding its seizure by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. 

The book describes how the Board of Directors, Rusnak, the management team and the employees of AmericanWest managed to navigate their way through the financial hurricane of 2008 and save their Bank.

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Bank Director's Handbook


Arthur D Little Consultants

with the participation of

Charles J Thayer

Asset/Liability Chapter

The deregulation, increasing regionalization, and keen competition that have characterized the banking industry in recent years have made this a challenging period for bank managers and directors alike. Today, more than ever, directors need a readable, comprehensive reference, not only for their day-to-day responsibilities, but also to guide them through the unprecedented changes that are transforming the financial services industry. The information and insights in The Bank Director's Handbook enable board members to take the active, responsible role that promotes a bank's success.

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Directors & Boards Magazine


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Directors Digest

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